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Our Contractors

Our Contractors are able to work for us in many different ways:

Limited Company -  this means setting up your own Limited company and we have partners who can help you with this.  As a Limited Company you are responsible for making sure your Company pays its own tax liability and that of its employees.  You will need to operate your own business bank account, be VAT registered if applicable and also carry insurances, although Select Engineering Ltd can help you with this.

Umbrella Company  -  there are benefits in working through an Umbrella Company and Select Engineering operate a Preferred Supplier list, making sure that they are accredited and complaint with legislation.  We have years of working with our Preferred Suppliers and know them as Partners and not just service providers.  This means you can be sure you are protected and always get paid.  Tax and NI are deducted on your behalf and there are benefits in that you can get related expenses recovered as well as advice, support on legislation and other rules.

Our Contractors get continued support before, during and for their working career in:

  • Relocation
  • Employment Contracts
  • Full insurance anywhere in the World
  • Immigration – visas, work permits etc.
  • Support in Tax laws
  • Easy Payroll/payment process
  • Welfare

We offer services in many other areas to make sure our Contractors are taken care of.  That is why we have hundreds of contractors working for us all over the World with many of them being with us for over twenty-five years.

For more information please contact our contractor care team on


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