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  • Salary:
  • £35,745
  • Job type:
  • Permanent
  • Location:
  • Staffordshire


Ensure tooling capability, provide operational support and offer suggestions for tooling improvement to existing production tooling and new product tooling.


Tasks: '

- H&S: Maintain safe working practices, report any non conformities and near misses.

- Promote and look to exceed GA 5S & H&S environment policies.

- Practice safe use of lifting equipment, completing daily inspections and reporting all non conformities.

- Upkeep of Productive Maintenance of tooling. Consult the IMM plan to select PMs, taking into consideration the tool room plan.

- Support shift cover with opposite toolmakers during holiday periods.

- Support business needs when overtime during the week or the weekend is required.

- Diligent use of the work log to record clearly all tool room activities.

- Ensure tooling complies with GA standards and will fit plant machinery.

- Confirm feasibility of engineering changes related to IMM tooling both internal & external where necessary.

- Ensure the layout of IMM tooling is adhered to.

- Ensure tools are prepared for safe transport to other facilities: Grain protection, eyebolt removal, ensure tools are appropriately secured to transport.

- Monitor tooling spares and use the spare parts tracking system each time an item is consumed. Report low stock levels to the tool room manager.

- Attend the daily QOS meeting with the IMM manager, IMM lead technicians and IMM manager. Discuss required TPMs, breakdowns and offer input regarding PFU resolution.

- Support tool trials and repairs offsite if required.

- Upkeep of "datum packs" for all tools, minimum requirement as per GA-SP p06: PM sheets and log of failures.

- Identify & lead opportunities for efficiency improvements: Tool dis-assembly / re-assembly sequence.

- Raise & follow up PFU's internal & external using central database where possible.

- Use of the maintenance Pirana system to record workload and request support from the maintenance department when required.


Skills & Knowledge 

Injection mould tool construction and function

Operation of tool room machinery: Surface grinder, miller and lathe

Operation of overhead crane: Safe use and inspection

Inspection and use of lifting equipment: Eyebolts, chains and slings


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