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Frequent Questions and Answers

We want to make you working with us as easy and pleasurable as possible - here are a few questions and answers that may help you along the way:

Q: How do I register?
This is easy - all you need to do is email us your current CV - you can do this through our website or telephone our office 0044 (0)1245 403560 and speak to one of our experienced Consultants now.

Q: What happens to my CV once I email it to you?
Your CV is protected under the Data Protection Act - which means it is added to our secure database to be used solely for the purpose of finding you employment.  No other third party will have access your CV without your permission.

Q:  What happens once I have applied for a vacancy?
Our Consultants will contact you over the telephone to discuss your CV and ask you some important questions in regard to your requirements and needs.  Once suitable opportunities have been identified these will be discussed in full with you.  We then gain your permission to submit your CV.

Q:  How can I be sure that my CV reflects the position I am applying for?
Our Consultants are trained to highlight your best attributes within your CV that fit the vacancy we are submitting you for.  This means that your CV is written specifically for the vacancy.  One CV does not fit all.  We will gain your approval before submission.

Q:  How long will it take before I hear whether I am successful at obtaining an interview?
With some of our OEMs this can take quite a while as Managers are often abroad or away from their PCs.  However we regularly chase to get feedback on your CV and will stay in contact with you throughout until we receive a reply.

Q: Will I get paid expenses for attending an interview?
Expenses for attending an interview are not usually paid unless agreed by our client.  Sometimes interviews can take place over the telephone if you are abroad or we can arrange by Skype. 

Q:  How do I prepare for an Interview?
Time and effort needs to be applied if you are to be successful in an interview.  See our website video and meet our team who will give you the best advice on how to get the best out of your interview.

Q:  How soon will I hear if I am successful after the interview?
We try and obtain feedback within 24 hours of you attending an interview.  Again with some of the OEMs this can take longer especially if they are seeing several candidates.  Again we chase regularly for you and will keep you up to date.

Q:  If I am offered a contract role what are the terms?
We can off you a contract as a Limited Company or through an Umbrella Company.  See our Contractors page. We have years of experience in supplying contract staff to the UK and Europe - you are in safe hands with our Contractors Care Team. 

Q:  How often do I get paid?
We run a payment scheme for one week, two weeks or monthly depending on the contract.  As long as we have a signed time sheet from the Client and your invoices you will always be paid on time and accurately.  We have a BRILLIANT payroll team who pride themselves on getting it right first time! 

Q:  What happens if I get offered a permanent role?
We will supply you with the full details, an accurate job description, information on the company, benefits, salary, etc.  We will also give you a pre-start brief and even put  you in touch with other candidates we have placed with our Client.  We understand how important it is to get this right and we will work with you all the way to make sure this is achieved.



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